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Protecting and Building Our Client’s Futures

With our years of financial and insurance services experience, Carington Insurance Services specializes in teaching public employees, business owners & our high net worth clients how to develop an Asset Class which can grow tax free and is non market correlated or subject to market devaluation. By creatively engineering Retirement & Estate Planning, our unique approach applies time tested wisdom and keeps you safe and secure in today’s volatile environment. Ideally, by helping our clients understand a methodology that has been proven by over a hundred years of evaluation, they can build and maintain this Asset Class so that it offers true Liquidity, Use & Control of their money. When the unexpected occurs, one can be free from having to liquidate investments during periods of market volatility or when values are down.

Working in concert with a panel of highly specialized tax attorneys, accountants and real estate professionals, our aggressive use of Advanced Planning Strategy concentrates on accelerating your retirement in a safe and effective manner. Moreover, our proven methodology adroitly retains the liquidity and use of potentially much needed capital especially during these times of scarcity.

As with most other things in life, the key to achieving your long-term financial objectives is planning. Your goal may be to guarantee your retirement security, protect your family during your working years or to simply fund your child’s college education. These things won’t happen by accident. It’s important to determine what you’d like to achieve financially and then map out a strategy that will help you attain those goals. The good news is that it’s never too late to start.

A thorough Analysis is the first and most fundamental step in the planning process. This helps you identify your financial wants, needs and goals. Then together, we can determine what strategy can best meet your objectives and prepare a schedule of implementation based on your priorities.

Fortunately, you don’t have to do this alone. With a proven record of achievement and professionalism coupled with impeccable integrity, Carington has succeeded in attracting some of the very best individuals. We are licensed and highly experienced agents and we take pride in constantly furthering our knowledge of financial services and insurance solutions. However, as Einstein once said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge” and so we explore with an open mind all potential possibilities in order to best meet your needs. Correspondingly, our team of advisors will administer benefits in manifold configurations that produce results.

The Carington Team can also assist in the more traditional side of Estate Planning, Annuities, Rollovers, Long Term Care and Life Insurance.

The bottom line is, We’ve Got You Covered… With Care.

Please use our Web site as a resource, and do not hesitate to contact us for additional information or to schedule a meeting. Thank you for your interest.


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We Congratulate Marilyn Fine

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The Greater Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce is proud to honor Marilyn Fine as one of the two 2013 Teachers
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