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“Before I met Rick, I was stashing a lot of money away but it seemed like I was losing more than I was gaining. Rick showed me that by eliminating risk I would actually be gaining at a much faster pace. I have seen nothing but consistent growth since.”

Mary K


“I have always been a good saver but I never really knew whether I was making good decisions or not. Rick helped me tremendously by coordinating my pension with the best 403(b)’s, my IRA’s and even my CD’s and Real Estate. No stone was left unturned and nothing has been left to chance.  I now have an organized and integrated retirement plan that I know I can count on to supplement my CalSTRS pension.”

Jane A


“When my husband and I needed to refinance our home, Rick guided us on which type of mortgage to look for and how and where to find it. Now we have extra money at the end of the month. We are so happy we listened to him!”

Laurie S


“I have known Richard for 14 years. He is excellent and extremely knowledgeable about insurance. I will recommend him to anyone who is looking… He is very easy to work with and makes recommendations based on what your needs are.”

Majid H


“Rick saved me just in time from losing money in my college fund. Now my daughter will be able to graduate and I’m back on track growing my retirement savings as well. He is very responsive and communicative and keeps me well informed.”

Janet M


“Rick is like an architect. None of the things I had been doing on my own seemed to be working. So he took me back to the drawing board and completely redesigned my retirement plan from the ground up. Now I have hope.”

Rob H


“The biggest problem with my retirement plan was that I had no plan at all. Rick helped me get started and based on his strategies I’m really motivated to save for the first time in my life.”

Hugh M


“Jaime is a pleasure to work with—she is always so friendly and helpful.”

Darlene F


“We have been with Carington for years and we trust any recommendation Monica makes 150%!”

Maxine M


“Richard (Rick) is that rare breed of Financial Professional who truly understands that “the return of my money is more important than the return on my money.” He believes in safety and security and helps his clients plan accordingly. I give Rick my highest recommendation, you can expect, integrity, professionalism and friendly service.”

Ronnie O, MBA, MA


“Richard is the consummate professional. His level of expertise is unmatched and his attention to detail and customer satisfaction make him one of the most effective people in his field. I would highly recommend him to anyone and I do!”

Dennis M


“Richard is diligent and helpful… He’s honest and trustworthy and I’d recommend him to anyone seeking life insurance.”

Bryan H


“Because of Rick’s careful approach and advice I now feel confident that I can retire as planned and on time. I run all my money decisions by him first.”

Jose A


“Rick (and Monica) have handled my insurance and that of some of my friends for many years. I had a particularly serious health issue come up over the past couple years. Because of both their knowledge and diligence, I was able to maintain continued treatment at the best facilities without a hitch in my insurance coverage. I had complete confidence in them and because of that was able to focus on getting well. It is conceivable that I might not be alive today without Richard and Monica. Thanks, Jonathan”

Jonathan K


“Richard carefully examines my needs and delivered a product tailored to what I was looking for. I have given Richard’s number out to other people because I know he will handle them with the utmost timeliness and professionalism. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer someone to him.”

Matt L


“Richard, while being straight and to the point, keeps the service at a high and consistent level—he was always available. I was lucky to experience his smooth and effective manner.”

Eric C


“Rick has such a wide range of experience with financial matters that we rely on him for nearly everything. His real estate background gave me added confidence in his advice. He took everything we were spending money on into consideration before he decided what his recommendations were going to be. I felt very well taken care of. ”

Yolanda R


“Richard is a total genius”

Scott W



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