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California Law Enforcement & Peace Officers

Our commitment to guiding local Law Enforcement & Peace Officers towards sound financial judgement is unwavering. It’s hard work being a peace officer. The steady support of the community is critical. In troubled times like these, we believe you’ve got just about enough on your shoulders.
You also retire substantially younger than other public employees which presents special challenges to retirement planning–frankly, your plan needs to be bulletproof…

Why Us?

For nearly two decades we’ve been serving those who serve… and protect.
Our mission is to provide a solid educational foundation to every Public Safety employee seeking to understand their benefits; and to further guide you in the integration and coordination of those benefits towards the goal of achieving their maximum value and ultimately deriving the financial security you deserve.
We are intimately familiar with LACERA, VCERA, CalPERS, LAFPP, CSRS, FERS & various other State & Local retirement systems.

As Loyal Partners

We provide a No Cost Pension Assessment and the advice you need to holistically Coordinate & Integrate LACERA, VCERA, LAFPP, the 401(k), 457 & Survivor Benefits. And as a Fiduciary, our loyalty belongs exclusively to our clients.
Benefits Assessment
• Pension Retirement Calculation
• Optimum Retirement Age
• Pension Maximization
• Option Selection Cost Analysis
• Integrated Distribution Strategies
• Coordination of Benefits
• How to “Achieve Parity” or even Get a Raise

We provide a refreshing twist on planning.

At Carington Financial, we provide “Best Interests” advice… so you know for sure you’re getting the same type of advice I would give my own family. For many years we have provided Financial Literacy Counseling to the Public Sector… In my heart, I am more a teacher, driven by an underlying attitude that an informed person makes better decisions. I’m also more than just a financial planner, I am someone who can relate to you and understand where you’re coming from. Moreover, I respect and admire your sustained efforts to ensure our safety as you protect our families and serve our communities.

Debt Counseling

Debt is the single biggest obstacle to long term success and to building wealth so you can ultimately Achieve Parity in retirement. We will work with you to create a plan to help you budget and work toward the goal of a Debt Free future.
The bottom line is we know law enforcement; it’s in our family so we’ve heard your stories – from triumphant to tragic – but mostly just about the daily challenges… We strongly support our community of Law Enforcement, Peace Officer’s and other first responders and hold you high as one of our nation’s most challenging and elite professions.

We acknowledge your effort. We’re around you every day. We see what you go through, and what you sacrifice. However, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice a secure future…

…it’s the least we can do in light of your unceasing dedication to our safety.

We have proudly supported the following Law Enforcement organizations:
Ventura County Sheriff’s Foundation, Ventura County Deputy Sheriffs’ Association, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, Ventura County Sheriff Office, Thousand Oaks Police Department’s Citizen Academy and the California State Sheriffs’ Association



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We Congratulate Marilyn Fine

Lindero Canyon Middle School

The Greater Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce is proud to honor Marilyn Fine as one of the two 2013 Teachers
of the Year

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