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We Truly Care About You

It shows in our work, our relationships and your assets

It will show on your face – when you know you’re being well informed, cared for, and your retirement account proves that. Our agency was founded on genuine desire to serve our clients. The success we have enjoyed is the direct result of truly caring. On this foundation we’ve built a winning combination of financial prowess – in securing and growing our client’s retirement assets – along with warmly enjoyed friendships.

Most of our clients have been with us for many years, as we are remain mindful of their needs and effective in our financial council. Our clients enjoy security and growth in the valuation of their assets.

To this end, we are extremely careful about selecting agents to join Carington. It is important to us, and certainly important to our existing and new clients that our agents share in our philosophy. We care. We care enough about you to provide effective financial strategy, and assure you that your Carington agent will hold your best interests at heart.

Your profession in public service requires both skill and caring to be successful. You should expect no less from your financial councelor.


Monica Walker

Founder and Managing Partner

Phone: (805) 351-3800
Fax: (805) 351-3803
Cell: (805) 231-9939

As the founder of Carington Insurance Services, Monica has an approach to business that is fresh and unique to the industry of insurance. She has created a philosophy at Carington which holds dear the idea of helping and caring for the people we interact with, whether they are clients, associates, employees, other business peers, or even just someone you meet. These may not seem like new ideas, but instead of simply paying lip service to “lofty notions”, Monica sees to it that Carington actually delivers.

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Richard Bavetz

Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Phone: (805) 351-3800
Fax: (805) 351-3803
Cell: (818) 779-1133

The son of a veteran Army Aviator, Rick spent most of his early childhood moving around the United States as an “army brat”. In 1970, his parents settled on Westlake Village CA as a great place to raise children. So after getting married, it makes perfect sense that Rick and his wife Monica would decide to make the Conejo Valley their home once again, to build a family and to build a business that could serve the community he grew up in.

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Jaime Klenck

Administrative Case Manager

Phone: (805) 351-3800
Fax: (805) 351-3803

Jaime has an extensive background in case management and is especially skilled in the area of 401(k) and 403(b) Rollovers. Licensed as an insurance agent, she is on her 5th year as Carington’s Lead Case Manager and has an incredible amount of transactional experience processing the high volume of transfers, exchanges and rollovers coming from the various public employees and private sector clients served by Carington’s Agents. She is very friendly and helpful and is here to serve Carington’s clients to the fullest.


Matthew Spalding

Senior Agent

Phone: (805) 351-3800
Fax: (805) 351-3803
Cell: (818) 497-4671

Matthew is a native of Los Angeles, boasts over 18 years experience in the Investment, Insurance, and Employer Benefits sectors of the financial Industry, working with everything from individuals to businesses with 50,000 employees. His experience includes working with such Fortune 500 companies as Aflac, where he was a top associate and then agency owner.


Robert Medina

Senior Agent

Phone: (805) 351-3800
Fax: (805) 351-3803
Cell: (310) 487-7598

Roberto was born and raised in Mexico City and after completing studies in Economics at the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM), moved to the United States and obtained a Masters Degree at Rutgers University. His background as an Economist makes him an excellent resource to his clients and to Carington. He is also extremely knowledgeable with Asset Preservation and the Advanced Planning hurdles faced by Foreign Nationals, Permanent Residents & other Non-US Citizens.


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