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Managing Partner and Co-Founder

The son of a veteran Army Aviator, Rick spent most of his early childhood moving around the United States as an “army brat”. In 1970, his parents settled on Westlake Village CA as a great place to raise children. So after getting married, it makes perfect sense that Rick and his wife Monica would decide to make the Conejo Valley their home once again, to build a family and to build a business that could serve the community.

Rick began his professional career over 30 years ago. He started in the Mortgage & Real Estate Industry and then in 1998 moved to Financial and Insurance Services. His level of achievement has always been exceptional and was created on the foundation of a very high work ethic instilled by his father. However, his passion for people and his incredible vision have allowed him to reach the very top of whatever he was focusing on. It is this attitude that he instills in his clients, in pursuit of their own goals.

In maintaining a strict client centered approach, his wealth of knowledge and imagination is used in teaching methodologies that have successfully undergone over a century of evaluation and scrutiny.  In keeping with this “Un-Conventional Wisdom”, Rick has demonstrated how empowering a client with the ability to think for themselves, creates in that individual, an immeasurable amount of passion towards their own quest for real independence.
“Majorities are always led, they never lead. Solving for deficiency has not resulted in the abundance that most people have been looking for. We start with the assertion of one’s own destiny. Because we are all “Want-Based” beings, we develop strategies that help people see that abundance is possible, guaranteed in fact, provided one follows a plan founded on Intellectual Honesty”.
Simple concepts that have become practically indistinguishable over the last 30 years, like SAVING vs. INVESTING, when clearly understood and then used properly, can give a person a tremendous advantage, especially in volatile times. When these simple, yet powerful tenets are applied in an incisive approach one can build and maintain a true asset which preserves the Liquidity, Use & Control of their money—in other words, that would be the foundation of true financial independence upon which all other things could be built.


Investments and Retirement Planning
The sheer volume of his experience, makes Rick one of the most highly qualified financial advisors in the entire industry and instills tremendous confidence through every element of the process, from the analysis and planning phases to delivering solutions and implementation.  

By being singularly committed to the needs of his clients, Rick built a thriving Financial Services business in Southern California. Over his 20 year career he has worked with well over 15,000 people and their families.


Real Estate 
Licensed as a real estate agent since 1987, Rick established a successful career in residential real estate working shortly for Coldwell Banker and later Fred Sands Realtors in Pacific Palisades, California. He was consistently the Top Producer in his office in both listings and sales.

Although market conditions were not often in his favor, his specialty was in marketing. He spearheaded the launch of the Entertainment Division of Fred Sands, providing a keenly unique marketing approach which resulted in shorter market time and higher selling prices than expected. He was often able to take over so called “stale” listings and rejuvenate their appeal for a quicker sale.

After nearly 13 years he decided that he wanted to pursue a career path in Financial Services and took the bold move to leave his lucrative real estate business in favor of a career serving the financial sector.

Rick did however, maintained his connection to the industry and with over 30 years experience has most recently formed an alliance geared to provide real estate agents with an edge.

By offering the Real Estate Professional an alternative to the 1031 Tax Exchange the client has available to them a more flexible tax deferment strategy for preserving their wealth and accelerating their financial growth, whether their future involves reinvestment or simply to fund long term retirement. Moreover, through Rick’s unique marketing program this IRS compliant strategy creates listing activity for real estate agents by providing the seller of a highly appreciated property, tax strategies previously unavailable to them.

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